Red Shed Racing

. . . Racing to Save Lives


Red Shed Racing is revolutionizing sled dog care, winning races and making the news!  Made up of 13 athletes who were unwanted or facing euthanasia.  This team is proving they have the hearts, bodies and spirits to succeed in this highly competitive sport.  Our working pet ethic allows these athletes to enjoy all the luxuries of the most pampered pets in America.  Thanks to our sponsors we continue to be able to provide them the very best.  Rehabilitation includes the highest quality nutrition, a free-run kennel, socialization and year round activities.  Each individual is afforded a unique plan for success within the team.  All of our dogs are altered and we advocate spay/neutering and responsible breeding plans.  Welcome to our site.  We hope you will learn more about these amazing athletes and gain an appreciation for their love of this sport.

Winning Philosophy

 .  .  . Lead by Example

Success in racing is one of my primary goals.  Not so much for the thrill of the win but the respect one gains by winning.  When you win races in this sport you draw attention to your dogs and how you care for them.  Winning when the odds are against you is an even more powerful message.  I will strive to WIN but never at the expense of my teammates.  After all - where would I be without them.  When the World stops to take note of what I have done to advance the standard of care for sled dogs I will have achieved my ultimate ambition.

Jill Garnet 

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Our Name

Red Shed Racing was born out of circumstance.  When we moved nine dogs to Alaska from Colorado in October of 2006 we had no place to call home.  Home ended up being a little  "red shed"  in Kasilof.

It was a primitive place, without running water or electricity.  Totaling  280 square feet with one main room to eat and sleep in.  But it meant shelter for the winter and 11 acres of land to develop for the dogs!  All of our dogs sleep inside so it was a very cozy winter.  Before long we added a few more dogs to the team and at one time we had 17 living with us.  We have since added a really big fence, running water, electricity, and a few more sq ft!  We still sleep in our kitchen - though!  Even though we have plumbing and a little more breathing room - we keep the name red shed racing to remind us of how it all began in Alaska.

Racing to Save Lives....  a play on words.  It is our goal to get the word out about our mission and to encourage better breeding habits in this sport.  We also hope to inspire more people to adopt the unwanted dogs that are a product of current ethics in our sport. We are Racing to Raise Awareness and Save Lives!!!!!