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Abby - The Mascot 1992 - 2008

Abby was like many other dogs born as a result of careless pet owners.  Product of an accidental litter She was a shepherd lab mix.  She was Paul's dog from before we met and lived a long life of adventure.  He first met her at a gas station where she sat waiting underneath an old car for someone to take her home.   Paul picked her out of the litter and rode her home on his motorcycle. 


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Kathie Anderson

Abby rode motorcycles, repelled down rock faces and crossed roaring creeks on tyrolean traverse pulleys.  She ran fast and hard and could stalk squirrels for hours on end.  She could devour a pika or a bird in one felt swoop.  She was so loyal to Paul she allowed him to suture a wound on our kitchen floor with just local anesthetic.  She loved to travel with the team and was the proud Mascot.  She lived a long life and never gave up even after her body did.  She left our family on a cold January morning in 2008.  We will miss her and think of her often.