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Dogs Divorce Custody!!!!! WHO Keeps The PETS??

Posted on December 24, 2014 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

DOGS are Property by legal definition. NOT Family or Children they area Legal Hybrids At Best between property and family. In court during divorce they mean the same as your flat screen TV or a Car. So WHO gets to keep the pets? How do you protect yourself, your beloved? In light of this recent case where good people known to me got divorced there we 18 dogs mostly sled dogs to be dealt with by a Judge. Without going into ALL the details I will will say - this particular Judge was very jaded in her views. "Dogs are PROPERTY Period divide 50/50" and not to mention they are expendable so "put them down" if you can not care for your 50% of the burden.

(If I ever see this Judge face to face there will be words and accountability for her suggestions to commit a Felony by the way in which she suggested they be put down.)

Moving back on topic - What do you do to make sure your animals are protected? Sign a Pre-nup or Post-nup when an animal is acquired or if you bring an animal to a marriage. Through Research on this topic this is the only thing I have seen that provides protection. This CAN include 50/50 custody or sole custody of the "property" upon divorce or separation. These agreements can also include where the financial burden for food shelter healthcare will be designated.

I was SO very LUCKY in my divorce. A divorce that was no fault of the dogs as Paul and I had adopted them together we sucked it up and made arrangements for them together. They didn't need to suffer and we MADE SURE THEY DIDN'T - But even a amicable spilt was Sticky to Negotiate. Paul Agreed to PAY a lions share of what it would cost to care for feed and house 15 dogs for a period of just under 3 years. This gave me just enough to get THEM what they needed while I went back to school for an RN. I had JUST enough though and relied on the food bank and student loans for my own needs. We also made ME the beneficiary of his life insurance for 5 years so in case I was some how disabled and he was somehow dead there would be $ for the dogs. That would give be 5 years to make headway and plan for anything like that.

This worked for us AND most of all for the DOGS of Red Shed Racing and I'd like to commend Paul Garnet for stepping up and doing right by what We Started and by the lives WE committed to. I also got the Red Shed Free and Clear and the Dog Truck too! Looking back I SEE HOW HUGE that really was! So if you see Paul Out There Give Him A shout of gratitude for ALL of us!

Here is a link that Speaks to this ISSUE

Medical Account Fundraiser Success

Posted on December 21, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

We Are Pleased and Grateful to Announce We Raised $2669 during our Medical Account Fundraiser - As The dogs AGE We Are trying to stay AHEAD of the need.  We have always accounted to routine needs in our budget but know the financial reality of aging dogs.  We will commit to adding monthly to this account in addition to our normal expenses.  Thank You everyone!!!!!!

Dapper Dan Tribute - RIP Swing Dog Extraordinaire!

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Dapper Dan My Handsome Man - A Tribute to our old man RIP

12 years old this year he originally came to us as our only experienced sled dog he was 4 years old and already had thousands of miles on him. He was shy and afraid and food aggressive - but we made short work of those habits and he relaxed into a life of luxury while demonstrating his claim to fame as the Worlds Best Swing Dog!! His enthusiasm for running was always evident - and I'd say hands down age 10 was the peak of his spirit for running! This boy who wouldn't let us touch him for the better part of a year is one of the greatest inspirations of my time rescuing huskies. Just to watch him play with a tennis ball or wrestle with Talon as if they were puppies made my heart sing. But the best was to have him lean in to a good butt scratch ! Dapper Dan it saddens me deeply to say goodbye to you today - lay in the eternal sunshine of heaven with your old pals of yesterday until Talon and I make it there to play again ! Xxxxxooooxxxxx

Freedom-Ware Available at our Cafe Press Store

Posted on February 17, 2014 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Now Available Due to Requests "Freedom-Ware" at our Cafe Press Store. Every Item comes with a 30 Day Guarantee. I have been using Cafe Press For 5 years for Red Shed Racing Items and have never been disappointed. Visit our store and pick from a variety of items with this Freedom Logo Never Give Up (Car Stickers to Hoodies and things for your Pets you will find something to fit your liking!) Al proceeds go to the dogs at Red Shed Racing and specific Freedom Ware purchases will support her Medical Fund! Thank You and Enjoy!

"ROCKET" aka Rockstar gets a USA TV SPOT

Posted on February 16, 2014 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (1)

A New Family Television show called All In with Laila Ali will is featuring "Rocket" and the Red Shed Racing Team on CBS

The footage stems from the Red Bull Media Shoot that originally aired in Austria - Can't wait to see it in english!" target="_blank">

Rockstar!!!!!!! aka Rocket


If You Could SEE what I SEE

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I wish YOU could SEE What I See - TODAY is the BEST day in a long time - IF only my camera could take a photo through the dirty glass on my cabin windows.. Freedom Is Home Safe and Happily Using A Dog House playing with new friends and Howling along with the gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom Joins the Team!!!!!!

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Freedom's New Life Begins
I will start by saying on so many levels things are going better than we could ever have imagined. Starting with a peaceful and calm recovery. Shannon Basner of Mojo's Hope is my witness as many months ago I said God told me He would rescue her and He told me He would deserve the Glory that no man could do what he had in store for her rescue. And I said to Shannon "what will that look like when the hand of God moves to bring her home? I will believe it if she walks right over to me a sits down." So when I say Glory to God I mean it with everything within me. God used the five of us that night to do his work. He called each and every one of of there for His glory.

And her amazing ease of transition is also miraculous.

She passed her Vet check with Dr. Mary she is a healthy 42 pounds and under all that fur she is a perfect weight for her build no ribs or hips sticking out and she is not overweight - just perfect. Her teeth all look good, her lab work was all right down the middle nothing out of the normal. Her temperament during her exam which included many invasive things was even and calm. We had prepared to sedate her but there was absolutely no need. Her only issue which is minor is a little skin funk on her back in a small area which was likely due to a few matted pine needles. Not too bad !!!!!

Once home she easily explored the indoors at our handler cabin where she spent the night. She was obviously exhausted from perpetually being on alert. She literally jumped in bed with Sean and put body up against him with her head on his leg. She snored the night away.

At 7 am Sunday morning we did what we have planned since deciding to bring her in. We released her into a large section of our two acre enclosure. It is the part of our yard which resembles most the woods she was staying in. Imagine 100ft by 300ft it's big. So that is phase 1 where she will be safely introduced to a few dogs at a time while she adjusts. Now I know there are many of you out there who at this point may disagree that we released her into a large are where we may not easily catch her. From DAY 1 my promise to her was She would be Free to decide how it all plays out. She would NEVER be confined in a chain-link pen again because that was all she knew, and it broke her. We talked extensively about our plan with her former owner and her rescue workers in Anchorage they agreed with our philosophy. While at the same time it breaks our heart that she did so well in the cabin the first night and there she is again out of reach, Sean and I stand behind our commitment to the plan. We are absolutely convinced she WILL decide to enjoy all aspects of her life her at the Red Shed including using the dog door and sleeping inside when she wants to.

She is already eating well on a schedule without pause. We had predicted she may refuse to eat under stress. She is in fact showing NO SIGNS of stressful behavior. She spent all day Sunday Running around meeting dogs and by dusk was bedded down to sleep. This is also a really great sign. She was comfortable enough to rest. I rescued a feral dog named Zave and she was in perpetual motion circling our yard for a year before she would lay down in the open to rest. So Freedom is doing really well so far. I go out to her yard several times a day and she is most relaxed when I am jabbering on the telephone - So I will be spending time calling all those friends and family I have neglected over the last nine months

Monday every dog here at the Red Shed including Freedom was zonked out for most of the day - spent from all the activity of Freedom's first day. Today it was half and half mayhem and rest. Blue is her old man protector and every time a new dog gets introduced he bounds over to supervise. I am very proud and actually quite surprised by the role he has assumed.

Phase 2 plans are to allow her a little more time to meet and greet and then we will start opening gates an allowing her more access to the entire 2 acres and the dog door. It is then she will see the others coming in an out of the cabin and she can follow suit.

Meet Freedom - A Story of Love and Rescue

Posted on January 11, 2014 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Here it is the Story of Freedom’s Rescue...

Above ALL Else I Want to Give the Gory to God - as this was indeed a True Miracle!!

Early Saturday morning Freedom, a dog that had been on the streets of Soldotna for 19 months, decided it was time to live a better life. She is now safe at home with Red Shed Racing in Kasilof.
Freedom and her kennel mate Larry, were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation two years ago by Alaska SPCA and Straw for Dogs. While everyone involved had the best of intentions, a safe, permanent home didn’t materialize. After the SPCA shelter that took them in closed, a Family in Soldotna graciously agreed to adopt them. Unfortunately they escaped their enclosure after just 2 short weeks. Larry was hit by a car and killed, and Freedom ended up wandering alone on the streets in Soldotna. In April of last year I became aware of her and offered to help with a humane capture attempt. What I thought would take weeks tuned into months of surveillance and attempts at capture. By then I had become overwhelmed with love and respect with her. At that time I decided to adopt her in absentia and committed to bringing her in and to offer her a life at Red Shed Racing with my mushing team of rescued dogs. I was “in” no matter how long it took.
The community rallied for Freedom and many residents cooperated and volunteered with rescue efforts. Eventually Soldotna city officials came around to support efforts for her humane capture, and State Senator Micciche was her biggest advocate.
Over the last nine months, we tried a variety of ways to humanely capture Freedom. She alluded every effort. She escaped the pen with a trigger before the door closed. She hid from the vet with the dart gun and outran the volunteers with the dipnets and bicycles. She was too smart for traditional live traps and simply wasn’t ready to come inside.
Early Saturday morning something changed. After many months of setting up stations for her where we left straw, food and unfrozen water we realized we needed a change in strategy. Her local team committed to letting go of “thoughts of capture” and redirecting solely to Love and Positive thinking. Via her facebook page a Worldwide campaign was launched focused on Prayers and Love. We immediately started to notice a more playful and relaxed Freedom. And after a fresh snow we found her tracks going into a fenced yard where nobody lived. With permission from the property owner we established what we called “The Bowl of Love.” A bowl containing foods of high interest such as cheese, steak and hot dogs. And of course Amanda and Tami always left their thoughts of love when they filled it up. During this time while they were working on the Bowl of Love I spent weeks of walking the streets singing after dark to develop a positive bond with her. At 4:18 am January 11th she confidently trotted right into the enclosed yard where we were waiting for her with “The Bowl of Love.” When she noticed the five of us standing there ready to do whatever it took to get our hands on her she just sat down and looked at us. It was a calm and peaceful surrender. There was no chasing or cornering or tackling, we were simply amazed. Senator Micciche himself gently guided her to a waiting dog crate, which she easily climbed into. She was ready to go home. Dr Mary Huhndorf of Twin Cities gave her a clean bill of health and was in fact amazed at her gentle demeanor. I am happy to say she spent her first night soundly sleeping on a bed, snuggled up next to her new people.
Without the patience, time and energy that was invested in developing trust with Freedom, this would never have happened so easily. Thank you to all of Freedom’s followers near and far your prayers, support, collaboration and positive thoughts made a miracle happen. Freedom is now safe and already enjoying her new forever home.

Here is a short video clip of her doing a meet and greet with some of her new buddies Blue, Pickle and Rockstar.

Very Special Thanks to Senator Peter Micciche, Tami Murray, Amanda Burg, Susan Endsley, Jenn Barkman, Sean Rice and Branden from the Water Shed

RSR Inventions - Remote Water Heater for Dogs - No Electricity

Posted on November 9, 2013 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

In our Quest to Rescue Freedom we realized we need to be prepared to provide fresh water as it is already going below freezing in Alaska.  Sean and I decided to have a little contest and see who could invent a better system since there is not nearby power at her feeding stations. Here is a recent picture of her trying to drink from a bucket of frozen solid ice :(

Criteria included:  No Power at site and FAST and EASY to maintain daily (We are on tight schedules and can't be heating brick or rocks in a fire every day :lol:

Here is what we came up with!!!! (The looser had to buy the Winner Dinner - But in the end FREEDOM Won because we were able to come up with a great way to provide her with water!!!!!)

Red Shed Racing, Jill and Sean can only say these techniques are used and executed at YOUR OWN RISK we will not be held liable for our ideas or suggestions.....We are too DOG-POOR to pay you for damages anyway

JILL's Invention

Supplies: Party Pack Cooler, 2 cans of Great Stuff Large Gaps and Cracks, Alum disposable pan, Bread Pan, 5lbs Whole Corn (Must be WHOLE Corn) and 2 Game Socks 1/4 size COST  $60.00

Step 1

Spray Foam layer in botttom and sides of cooler

Step 2

Place Aluminum Tin inside holding it in place with Rock continue spraying Foam all around - It took 1 1/2 cans

Step 3

Place 2.5 pounds of Whole corn in each 1/4 game sock (You will need 2 so you can rotate as needed)  Place 1 filled Game Sock in Microwave on High 4 minutes then turn it inside and microwave 2 more minutes on High. 

Step 4

Place Hot Corn Bag inside

Step 5

Place Bread Pan on top of Heated Corn Bag fill with warm water

(Ultimately the foam should be trimmed and a cover made with a smaller drinking hole!)

SEAN'S Invention:

Supplies:  Stock Pot, Large Stainless Bowl that fits inside Stock Pot, 1 box of Small Mason Jars, Wicks, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (MUST be 91% "rubbing alcohol will not burn!), 1 can of Spray Foam COST $45 (although to maintain this daily 1 32oz bottle will last aprrox 2-3 days so the cost but be expected to increase)

Step 1

Drill small hole in lid of mason jar, feed wick through (Keeping the wick only exposed enough to allow a small but sustainable flame), fill the jar with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol Taking care not to fill all the way leave a little space, seal lid and light.

Step 2

Drill vented holes in top and bottom of Stock Pot, Place Jar inside

Step 3

Use Spray foam on outside of pot (Make sure your flame is OUT) once cured follow instructions on can for time period, light flame again place bowl on top and fill with water

(Ultimately you would secure this device to a tree or something to prevent it from tipping over!!!!!)

And The Winner IS...........

While both devices worked 8 hours at 20 degrees F Sean's stayed a tepid 90 degrees while Jill's got to about 35 degrees.  Both worked but it obviously get's much colder in AK than 20 above!  So Jill is buying Sean Dinner.  There are Pro's and Con's to each:

Obviously one is SAFER than the other and on is a fixed investment (besides microwave use)  BE CAREFUL NOT TO FILL THE 91% Isopropyl to the brim or you will get this result!!!!!!!!  The Flame Can Wick Through the LID!!!!!!

Red Shed Racing, Jill and Sean can only say these techniques are used and executed at YOUR OWN RISK we will not be held liable for our ideas or suggestions.....We are too DOG-POOR to pay you for damages anyway

Freedom Updates

Posted on October 27, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

It was brought to my attention that I have not updated Red Shed Racing Fans about the Quest to get Freedom safely off the streets to her forever home here with our dogs. I am sorry if you too feel out of the loop! During the height of fighting the city of Soldotna we were mass sharing information to gain support. Once that support was gained most of the updates on Freedom have come DIRECTLY FROM the Facebook Profile- Save Freedom - If you would like to stay up to date please friend that profile today! Thanks and We Appreciate Your Continued Interest and Support for Freedom!