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SIGN the Peitiion to SAVE Freedom

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Help A Lonely Husky Named Freedom

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Red Shed Racing has been working tirelessly for months to capture a homeless husky we call Freedom - We have tried live traps and elaborate nets and a customized pen that we converted to a trap with a remote trigger and have failed so far - We are working with a non-profit Straw For Dogs and another rescue called Mojo's Hope. Here is a 3.5 minute video - please watch and consider making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation to Straw for Dogs to help Freedom. They are paying to fly an expert in Chemical Capture to come and help us get her off the streets! Once caught she will join the Dogs At Red Shed Racing!!" target="_blank">

Thanks for watching and supporting our efforts in helping Freedom!

Tax Deductible Donations for Freedom's Rescue can be made at

Of Course Once Freedom Joins Red Shed Racing We Will Open Up Opportunities to Sponsor Her!

Thanks for Caring!

25 Minute DOCUMENTARY Featuring life at the RED SHED

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Click the Link to be redirected to Servus TV to watch the film

Red Bull Media - Finalized and released a 25 minute Documentary on life at the RED SHED. 

The footage does an excellent job showing what life is really like with these dogs!

ROCKSTAR - Plays "Rocket"  a dog we adopt and integrate into the team.  His CRAZY behavior needs to be overcome for him to make it to the starting line on race day....

Check it out !!  (The piece is narrated in German but the speaking parts are all ENGLISH)

Sad Departure of Our Beloved Skittles 2004-2013

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My heart is heavy with sorrow over the unexpected loss of one of my first Dogs to join the team.  Skittles was the happiest dog I ever knew - Always had a smile on her face and a spring in her step.  She loved to run and continued on the fast team her whole life!  She was independent but loving all at the same time. She would play tricks to get what she wanted - but we always gave in to her playful side because she was so sweet and loving.  We are all morning the loss of a one of a kind soul...

There are not even the right words to express what an awesome soul she was - I was so very blessed to have her - her last day was sunny warm and she was running around happy pain free - I came home from work and she was totally normal running and chiding Secrets and Jumar as I was bringing all the dogs inside. I watched her run up the dog door ramp and in the house racing Secrets to the bed. Sean said she jumped up just like normal and then shortly after she collapsed. I was taking her to the vet and she passed before we made it. - she was the yin to catchme's yang as co-leader of the pack. She was so happy and also a total brat in the way that makes you laugh.

She had her best running year ever this winter and was in the best shape of her life. She would join any fight that ever errupted but was not an instigator. I always told her she was forbidden from getting scarred up because she was my super model and she obliged by leaving this world as flawless as she came.

RED BULL shoot comes to life featuring Rocket AKA Rockstar

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Redbull Media is featuring  Red Shed Racing in a 5 minute and a 25 minute television show. 

Both pieces feature Rocsktar AKA Rocket (in the show)  The focus is all about how we take in the "problem dogs" that people have given up on and why we do it and how we adapt and overcome. 

The 5 minute show has rolled out for a program overseas called Bullit The Magazine.  In this 5 minute piece we "Adopt" Rocket (This is a re-enactment of real life circumstances that have happened to us)  A compilation of real events...  Where as for example Rockstar was really adopted in Fairbanks we have adopted 6 dogs from the Anchorage Shelter which is featured in this show.  I hope you enjoy these Be sure to join our website and leave a comment of this post  or Contact US so we can notify you when the Full 25 minute is out!!  If you would consider sharing this on Facebook or other social media please Click Comment - Scroll to the Botton and Click the Orange and White Plus Sign - This Will Share Only this Blog Post (making it easier for folks to find!)  Thanks and Enjoy!

We have a few options for your enjoyment...

Ist Here is the link to the 5 minute version that aired overseas on Bullit The Magazine it is episode # 15 (narrated in German - My parts are in English)  We are after the intro and the paraglider 3:55 into it.

2nd there is a Rough Prototype of the 5min version with narration in English this is on VIMEO and you need the password bullit  Be Advised the 1st 18 seconds have no sound

3rd Last but NOT Least is a short FUN collection of dog footage from the shoot also in VIMEO Password dog

This is Rockstar AKA Rocket (on the show) he is pictured here in the Hotel Room in Anchorage during the shoot  CLICK on his picture to read about his real journey to Red Shed Racing or to Sponsor him.

Up and Coming Red Bull Media House - Films the Dogs of the Red Shed

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It's a wrap!  We just finished filming a short piece on the dogs of Red Shed Racing for Red Bull Media House - They have a new show called Bullit Magazine

Check out the trailer for the show and check back here for more when our segment is relased to the public!

Bullit Magazine - Watch Trailer!

A Long Time Coming - First Race of 2013 - A Big Win

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As the sole provider of the dogs at Red Shed Racing I took a break from racing the dogs and went back to school.  It was for their sake that we had to foresake the extra expenses during those few years.  My priority was to make sure their basic needs and lifestyle would be maintained after my divorce in 2009.  Although we weren't racing I did keep the dogs in the game running them recreationally and was able to keep up the high quality diet. 

Finished with school and employed - I have been focused on getting the dogs back to the races.  This year has been a very low snow year - and most of the races have been cancelled over the last 2 months.  This last weekend we finally got our chance at the Peninsula Winter Games in Soldotna. 

It was 25F below zero at the start of the race but we all had smiles on our faces to finally be at a race!

The dogs on the Blue Team ran first and the ones who are short coated wore their custom made running coats to stay warm.

The Red Team Won 1st place running 4.5 miles in 16.00 minutes just 1 second in front of the next team to place!!  It had warmed up to just below zero and so a few dogs wore shirts but did not need their running coats. 

Sean raced the Green Team and said they were full of spunk and ready to race!!!  Look at Zave leading the way.

All around we were glad to get back out there and enjoy the races!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Time

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Summer at the Red Shed is always filled with lots of fun and lots of work.  The dogs love running around in the 2 acres of fenced yard playing chase, cooling off in the pools and playing with their Jolly Balls!!!!  I often feel this time of year it can be difficult to get to the chores of fence mending and firewood cutting because I just get caught up sitting amongst the pups and enjoing the moment.

We got a new pool this summer so there are now three.  This summer It seems Indigo is in them the most cooling off between speed laps around the yard.

This year The Jolly Ball has taken over the lead over tennis balls for the favorite yard toy....

Summer also means the ritual of dog baths for everyone here at the Red Shed.  I am lucky to have a warm water faucet for my hose for the task!  On a nice sunny day the dogs line up to get their baths!  Although they don't much care for the spraying water they do love getting lathered up like a massage.  A few years ago I discovered  Buddy Wash and love the way the dogs look feel and smell after their baths!

Even the chores around here are filled with moments of joy and opportunity to sneak a little dog LOVE!

So Much Snow

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Grooming trail is a balancing act.  As I am learning the hard way this season.  Too little snow and you can't set a trail that will hold a hook.  This scenario is the usual here on the Kenai Peninsula. 

Not this year!  I never knew wishing for more snow could actually turn out to be a bad thing.  It is on track to be a record snow fall year in many areas of Alaska.  And as a dog musher all I want to do is get out and enjoy it all.  The reality has been days and days of frustrating hard work!  I got the snomobile stuck the other day and I had to hike out in knee deep snow.  I made it out to the road a few miles from where my truck was and I was spent - so there I was in my winter gear covered in a thick layer of icy frosting waving down an SUV hoping they would stop and give me a lift.  I looked a site I'm sure and who would want all that wet snow in their car?  But finally a lady did stop bless her heart!  She said she only stopped because she could tell I was female.  Turns out she works for the Kenai Animal - small world .  I went home and lamented about another day lost to trail work and found someone to return the next day to help me dig that machine out!  I managed to get in a few miles of trail and hope it does't dump another foot before the dogs and I can get out and enjoy it!




Summer's Summary

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Alas the daylights is fading (Getting dark at 10:30PM) and the nights are down in the low 50's.  Summer is coming to a close.  We had a great warm summer with a few periods of rain - Which we like so we can run the dogs on our summer cart.  We attended markets to raise money for the cause and awareness about the over population of unwanted sled dogs.  We got some work done on the property to make life EVEN better for the team!

Overall I can't complain and I don't think the dogs can either!

Rabbit and Holly at the opening day Weds Market in Solodtna

Pickle Helps me work on the Fence

Aspen and 7 other dogs enjoy the NEW Family Bed with Sean - 110 inches by 83 inches!