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Dogs Divorce Custody!!!!! WHO Keeps The PETS??

Posted on December 24, 2014 at 2:30 AM

DOGS are Property by legal definition. NOT Family or Children they area Legal Hybrids At Best between property and family. In court during divorce they mean the same as your flat screen TV or a Car. So WHO gets to keep the pets? How do you protect yourself, your beloved? In light of this recent case where good people known to me got divorced there we 18 dogs mostly sled dogs to be dealt with by a Judge. Without going into ALL the details I will will say - this particular Judge was very jaded in her views. "Dogs are PROPERTY Period divide 50/50" and not to mention they are expendable so "put them down" if you can not care for your 50% of the burden.

(If I ever see this Judge face to face there will be words and accountability for her suggestions to commit a Felony by the way in which she suggested they be put down.)

Moving back on topic - What do you do to make sure your animals are protected? Sign a Pre-nup or Post-nup when an animal is acquired or if you bring an animal to a marriage. Through Research on this topic this is the only thing I have seen that provides protection. This CAN include 50/50 custody or sole custody of the "property" upon divorce or separation. These agreements can also include where the financial burden for food shelter healthcare will be designated.

I was SO very LUCKY in my divorce. A divorce that was no fault of the dogs as Paul and I had adopted them together we sucked it up and made arrangements for them together. They didn't need to suffer and we MADE SURE THEY DIDN'T - But even a amicable spilt was Sticky to Negotiate. Paul Agreed to PAY a lions share of what it would cost to care for feed and house 15 dogs for a period of just under 3 years. This gave me just enough to get THEM what they needed while I went back to school for an RN. I had JUST enough though and relied on the food bank and student loans for my own needs. We also made ME the beneficiary of his life insurance for 5 years so in case I was some how disabled and he was somehow dead there would be $ for the dogs. That would give be 5 years to make headway and plan for anything like that.

This worked for us AND most of all for the DOGS of Red Shed Racing and I'd like to commend Paul Garnet for stepping up and doing right by what We Started and by the lives WE committed to. I also got the Red Shed Free and Clear and the Dog Truck too! Looking back I SEE HOW HUGE that really was! So if you see Paul Out There Give Him A shout of gratitude for ALL of us!

Here is a link that Speaks to this ISSUE

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