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Meet Freedom - A Story of Love and Rescue

Posted on January 11, 2014 at 10:20 PM

Here it is the Story of Freedom’s Rescue...

Above ALL Else I Want to Give the Gory to God - as this was indeed a True Miracle!!

Early Saturday morning Freedom, a dog that had been on the streets of Soldotna for 19 months, decided it was time to live a better life. She is now safe at home with Red Shed Racing in Kasilof.
Freedom and her kennel mate Larry, were rescued from a horrible hoarding situation two years ago by Alaska SPCA and Straw for Dogs. While everyone involved had the best of intentions, a safe, permanent home didn’t materialize. After the SPCA shelter that took them in closed, a Family in Soldotna graciously agreed to adopt them. Unfortunately they escaped their enclosure after just 2 short weeks. Larry was hit by a car and killed, and Freedom ended up wandering alone on the streets in Soldotna. In April of last year I became aware of her and offered to help with a humane capture attempt. What I thought would take weeks tuned into months of surveillance and attempts at capture. By then I had become overwhelmed with love and respect with her. At that time I decided to adopt her in absentia and committed to bringing her in and to offer her a life at Red Shed Racing with my mushing team of rescued dogs. I was “in” no matter how long it took.
The community rallied for Freedom and many residents cooperated and volunteered with rescue efforts. Eventually Soldotna city officials came around to support efforts for her humane capture, and State Senator Micciche was her biggest advocate.
Over the last nine months, we tried a variety of ways to humanely capture Freedom. She alluded every effort. She escaped the pen with a trigger before the door closed. She hid from the vet with the dart gun and outran the volunteers with the dipnets and bicycles. She was too smart for traditional live traps and simply wasn’t ready to come inside.
Early Saturday morning something changed. After many months of setting up stations for her where we left straw, food and unfrozen water we realized we needed a change in strategy. Her local team committed to letting go of “thoughts of capture” and redirecting solely to Love and Positive thinking. Via her facebook page a Worldwide campaign was launched focused on Prayers and Love. We immediately started to notice a more playful and relaxed Freedom. And after a fresh snow we found her tracks going into a fenced yard where nobody lived. With permission from the property owner we established what we called “The Bowl of Love.” A bowl containing foods of high interest such as cheese, steak and hot dogs. And of course Amanda and Tami always left their thoughts of love when they filled it up. During this time while they were working on the Bowl of Love I spent weeks of walking the streets singing after dark to develop a positive bond with her. At 4:18 am January 11th she confidently trotted right into the enclosed yard where we were waiting for her with “The Bowl of Love.” When she noticed the five of us standing there ready to do whatever it took to get our hands on her she just sat down and looked at us. It was a calm and peaceful surrender. There was no chasing or cornering or tackling, we were simply amazed. Senator Micciche himself gently guided her to a waiting dog crate, which she easily climbed into. She was ready to go home. Dr Mary Huhndorf of Twin Cities gave her a clean bill of health and was in fact amazed at her gentle demeanor. I am happy to say she spent her first night soundly sleeping on a bed, snuggled up next to her new people.
Without the patience, time and energy that was invested in developing trust with Freedom, this would never have happened so easily. Thank you to all of Freedom’s followers near and far your prayers, support, collaboration and positive thoughts made a miracle happen. Freedom is now safe and already enjoying her new forever home.

Here is a short video clip of her doing a meet and greet with some of her new buddies Blue, Pickle and Rockstar.

Very Special Thanks to Senator Peter Micciche, Tami Murray, Amanda Burg, Susan Endsley, Jenn Barkman, Sean Rice and Branden from the Water Shed

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Reply Reymund Stachel
4:43 AM on May 14, 2014 
Very inspirational.

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