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Freedom Joins the Team!!!!!!

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Freedom's New Life Begins
I will start by saying on so many levels things are going better than we could ever have imagined. Starting with a peaceful and calm recovery. Shannon Basner of Mojo's Hope is my witness as many months ago I said God told me He would rescue her and He told me He would deserve the Glory that no man could do what he had in store for her rescue. And I said to Shannon "what will that look like when the hand of God moves to bring her home? I will believe it if she walks right over to me a sits down." So when I say Glory to God I mean it with everything within me. God used the five of us that night to do his work. He called each and every one of of there for His glory.

And her amazing ease of transition is also miraculous.

She passed her Vet check with Dr. Mary she is a healthy 42 pounds and under all that fur she is a perfect weight for her build no ribs or hips sticking out and she is not overweight - just perfect. Her teeth all look good, her lab work was all right down the middle nothing out of the normal. Her temperament during her exam which included many invasive things was even and calm. We had prepared to sedate her but there was absolutely no need. Her only issue which is minor is a little skin funk on her back in a small area which was likely due to a few matted pine needles. Not too bad !!!!!

Once home she easily explored the indoors at our handler cabin where she spent the night. She was obviously exhausted from perpetually being on alert. She literally jumped in bed with Sean and put body up against him with her head on his leg. She snored the night away.

At 7 am Sunday morning we did what we have planned since deciding to bring her in. We released her into a large section of our two acre enclosure. It is the part of our yard which resembles most the woods she was staying in. Imagine 100ft by 300ft it's big. So that is phase 1 where she will be safely introduced to a few dogs at a time while she adjusts. Now I know there are many of you out there who at this point may disagree that we released her into a large are where we may not easily catch her. From DAY 1 my promise to her was She would be Free to decide how it all plays out. She would NEVER be confined in a chain-link pen again because that was all she knew, and it broke her. We talked extensively about our plan with her former owner and her rescue workers in Anchorage they agreed with our philosophy. While at the same time it breaks our heart that she did so well in the cabin the first night and there she is again out of reach, Sean and I stand behind our commitment to the plan. We are absolutely convinced she WILL decide to enjoy all aspects of her life her at the Red Shed including using the dog door and sleeping inside when she wants to.

She is already eating well on a schedule without pause. We had predicted she may refuse to eat under stress. She is in fact showing NO SIGNS of stressful behavior. She spent all day Sunday Running around meeting dogs and by dusk was bedded down to sleep. This is also a really great sign. She was comfortable enough to rest. I rescued a feral dog named Zave and she was in perpetual motion circling our yard for a year before she would lay down in the open to rest. So Freedom is doing really well so far. I go out to her yard several times a day and she is most relaxed when I am jabbering on the telephone - So I will be spending time calling all those friends and family I have neglected over the last nine months

Monday every dog here at the Red Shed including Freedom was zonked out for most of the day - spent from all the activity of Freedom's first day. Today it was half and half mayhem and rest. Blue is her old man protector and every time a new dog gets introduced he bounds over to supervise. I am very proud and actually quite surprised by the role he has assumed.

Phase 2 plans are to allow her a little more time to meet and greet and then we will start opening gates an allowing her more access to the entire 2 acres and the dog door. It is then she will see the others coming in an out of the cabin and she can follow suit.

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