Red Shed Racing

. . . Racing to Save Lives

Aspen - 65 pounds 4809 calories per day.

Aspen was a stray at about 9 months old and ended up in the Anchorage Shelter.  Paul had been to the shelter on a whim and found this stunning girl with high spirits.  She had only been there a few days and was just available for adoption.  Paul called and asked me if he could bring her home.  There was a young girl there who was considering her for adoption.  She told Paul she had a yard without a fence.  Paul knew this high energy girl needed way more than to be a house pet.  She needed and job and a place to express her interests in a large safe yard.


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Paul knew that if he left her there somebody would adopt her because she was so beautiful and most likely wouldn't have a clue about how to handle a husky.  He adopted her that day - she was sent off to be spayed just in time for her first heat cycle!  Had she stayed on the streets a week longer there would have been more unwanted dogs to consider.  

She is a WILD THING - always rough housing or jumping up and out of a small pen we have at the back of the house into our larger fenced yard.  She digs the biggest holes in the yard searching for buried treasures.  She can be an alligator at times in the yard charging and snapping at the the others.  At dinner time she goes into a maniacal tantrum and flops herself around like a screaming fish making the funniest face like a gorilla.

In the team she is fire and business.  She gives her all and can run at different speeds with ease.  She can lead but can get distracted and take the team off the trail to investigate things.  So for now we keep her back and will work on her leader skills as she matures.