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. . . Racing to Save Lives

Blue - 65 pounds 3480 calories per day.

Little Boy Blue was in need of a home when Martina Delp of Salcha passed away suddenly.  She left behind 43 animals most of which were sled dogs she had previously rescued and was rehabilitating.  I stepped forward to adopt because I believed in her mission and could not let her animals be euthanized.  I went to Salcha with some girlfriends and all told we managed to save 7 sled dogs.  I picked blue not because he looked fast in fact he didn't but because he was so friendly.  This Husky is a retriever in disguise.

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 Blue Screams like no other.  He often screams when he is happy.  It sounds like a fox in heat!  He is a fabulous lead dog and loves to take the team on long tours in the woods.  He is happy all the time it seems -  you can tell this by the ever present wag of his tail.  He loves coming inside the house getting any and all the attention he can get.  He gets so over joyed in the yard you have to guard your kidneys from his leaping and flying in through the air.  He can jump like spider man from a standing position up and onto things 6 feet tall.  He has gone over 6 ft fences many times in an instant.  We are very sad that Martina lost her life but are proud to have Blue.  We know that her hand in his life made him a better dog.