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CatchMe - 45 pounds 4830 calories per day.

CatchMe was a pet surrender to the Anchorage Shelter.  His former owner had adopted him as a puppy from a rescue in Wasilla but found himself with a new job on the North Slope and could no longer take care of him.  I found him on  There wasn't anything in particular about him that stood out - just an ordinary black husky mix.  On a supply run just before Christmas I stopped in to see him.  He had a short body with great big leg muscles. I took him out to the yard and he went nuts!  He was leaping in the air and biting my arm with a great amount of force like a trained attack dog.  He put a hole in my coat.  I could tell he was literally throwing himself at me with excitement.  I wasn't scared but the shelter volunteer seemed a bit worried. 

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During our visit together he also showed he had great speed and loved to be chased.  His exuberance is really what won me over.  I also knew he had been there a long time and with his "attack dog" behavior was likely to be euthanized.  I struggled with the fact he had been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) - according to his former owner he needed a low-residue diet.  How could we provide a high protein/fat diet required by a working sled dog and yet meet this requirement?  I knew I would be committed to whatever it took to see him through his health issues.  When I put him back in his kennel he jumped up and down on his hind legs like a pogo stick trying to get out again.  I told him I would send Paul to meet him and then we would bring him home.

Paul arrived at the shelter the day after Christmas to adopt him.  He too experienced the biting and hyperactivity during his first meeting.  He agreed CatchMe needed a job and a home without kids due to his behavior.  We soon discovered he had many missing teeth and at a year old we hoped he had not been hurt by his former owner.  

We have been overwhelmed by loyalty and love from this boy who acts more like a bull terrier than a husky.  He has learned to be a dedicated leader for our team and is very focused and driven.  We have cured his IBS which used to give him bouts of cramping and bloody stools.  Even with the added stress of being a working dog - his diet of raw meat, premium grain-free kibble and oat bran has produced normal stools and eliminated his cramping.  I could not imagine my life without this constant companion.  He is a funny high energy cuddle bunny.