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Glacier My Big Silly Goofy Boy 2004-2006

Glacier was a selfless dog.  He loved because he defined LOVE.  He was a huge leggy dog that struck me from a distance.  He was at the SPCA in Anchorage Alaska and needed a permanent home.

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He had been at the shelter twice in his short life.  As a new puppy he and his litter mates were rescued from a dire situation.  They were trapped in some sort of hole or culvert.  They were rehabilitated and adopted out.  Glacier somehow ended up back in the shelter and was looking for a place to call home.  He was so striking I inquired about him even though we still lived in Colorado.  He reminded me of a larger version of Skittles.  Long legs, cream coat and a friendly nature.  Steve at the SPCA .really went out of his way and facilitated the adoption and made arrangements to fly him out to us.  They had to find a super Xtra-Lrg crate because he was so tall.

I met him at the Denver airport and it was magical.  When I walked in he was quiet in his crate and there were people all around.  As soon as he heard my voice at the counter he became animated and happy.  He knew - I was there for him.  From the time he came home until his last day with us he was a very special presence.  He was Pickle's BEST friend but also was kind to everyone. 

He was very clumsy and seemed NOT to know how to run.  I wondered if he had ever been given the opportunity to run free before.  We had 2 acres fenced and he was doing his best to figure it all out.  He was happy every moment he was with us. 

Sadly he became the victim of violence and hatred on September 6, 2006.  I left our Colorado cabin in the evening to do laundry.  I put 8 of our dogs inside and left Skittles and Glacier in the 2 acre fenced yard.  We had made an agreement with our neighbors to keep the dogs in at night to keep the noise down.  Two dogs outside seemed like a reasonable thing to do.  Skittles is very quiet dog and Glacier could break out of his crate and get into things so I left him in the yard.  The last time I saw him I made him sit for a milkbone.

I arrived home 3 hours later just around midnight to find Skittles but Not my friend Glacier.  I immediately knew something was terribly wrong because he was ALWAYS at the fence greeting me when my car came up.  It was dark but the moon was bright and as I ran around calling his name frantically I saw my worst fear.  He lay lifeless a short distance down the hill in our yard.  I ran crying to him but it was too late - he was gone.  I was too upset to look at him closely and see what had happened.  I called Paul who was at work and he immediately started his hour drive home.  During that time I covered him in a blanket a sat with him wailing in the moonlight.  Skittles was still out in the yard with me and would come over and grasp the edge of the blanket with her teeth and remove it to see if he was going to come back to life.  She did this repeatedly every few minutes during the hour I sat waiting for Paul. 

When Paul arrived - he confirmed our fears Glacier had been shot.  Glacier had been shot at the gate in our driveway as if he had come to greet his killer the only way he knew how - with a smile on his face and a wag in his tail.  It was a clean shot and he only made it a few steps with his long legs before he collapsed.  We brought all the dogs out one at a time to say good-bye.  And two things stand out in my mind as being remarkable.  When Pickle came he took very slow steps and sat just beside him.  He lowered his head and began to whimper.  He was grieving just like we were for our amazing friend.  When Kodiak came down he wouldn't come closer than 20 feet.  Just refused in his sadness.  Kodiak had been free in our cabin at the time of the shooting and I believe he saw it happen through the window.  Just as Glacier had gone to the gate when the killer drove up Kodiak had come to the window.  If a gun fires in the distance today Kodiak reacts as if he is watching his friend be shot all over again.  All I have to do is mention Glacier's name and Pickle gets a certain look in his eyes and you know he knows what you're saying.

My beautiful friend had been killed by a neighbor who decided we should not have 10 dogs on our 8 acres of land.  We never proved who did it because there were 3 suspects on the list. The high powered bullet had passed through his body and although, I searched for weeks, I never found the bullet or a casing.  Living in Colorado with dogs is not easy and I'll never do it again.  The saddest part for me is that we had already made our decision to move to Alaska and we were just tying up loose ends before we hit the road.  Glacier is our Angel and I know he watches out for us on the trail and especially takes care of his friend Pickle who misses him the most.