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Hemingway - May His Spirit Soar High & Visit Us Often

Hemingway's entire existence was devoted to being my loyalist companion.  He wanted nothing else but to be by my side and to please me.  We tried to teach him to Skijor but he wouldn't leave my side and run out front.  He was the fuzziest love of my life and I will miss him deeply.  He became ill in his tenth year and all the signs, symptoms and test results indicated the probable diagnosis of a cancerous mass in or near his stomach.  While we supported him with IV fluids in hospital and at home he went down hill quickly unable to stay hydrated and loosing blood internally.  The option of surgery was presented but he was believed to be a poor surgical candidate and the prognosis was grim.  Hemingway was a very proud leader of the pack and he took his responsibilities very seriously.  When he became ill the dogs clued in and spent a lot of time smelling him.  Pickle and Monster stepped in to oversee him hovering over him during this time.  Paul and I were committed to doing our best by him and allowing him to die with dignity and pride before the illness took too much out of him.  It was very important to us that Hemingway feel like he was still a vital member and leader of the pack.  If we allowed him to to gradually die on his own he would have lost that position.  We also wanted to manage any pain and avoid any unnecessary suffering.  Pickle came with us to the vet as it would be his job to return home and report to the dogs that Hemingway was gone.  It was a very sad event for all of us saying goodbye to such a beautiful soul.  

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Hemingway came from the Larimar County Shelter in Colorado in 1999.  He had been a stray and sat in the pound for 2 months before I found him.  He was my 30th birthday present from my husband Paul.  It was love at first sight between Hemingway and I.  When we got him home he was hands down the WORST behaved dog we have ever had - mostly due to the terrible separation anxiety he developed in the shelter.  He was 9 mos old when we adopted him and 3 weeks after we brought him home he cost us $1500.  He had run to a neighbor's house and entered their dog door and and proceeded to eat 10 pounds of dry dog food!  When the vet gave us our options - surgery or euthanasia I said "Do you take Visa!"

I have never doubted this choice -  he turned out to be the most loyal companion.  He stayed glued to my heels and became our BEST behaved dog.   Once Paul and I learned an effective reward based training system he quickly caught on to the perks of being a good dog!  He was the leader of the pack and our team's biggest fan!

A Farewell to Hemingway 

The swish of his tail

The long of his spine

The plush of his mane 


I was his Person from beginning to end


As he drifted away I held him with the love of my hands

As he went silent I rested my face in the lush of his cheek

As he departed I stained his fur with the salt of my grief


I was his Person from beginning to end