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Indigo -  38 Pounds 5047 calories per day.

Indigo was turned into the Fairbanks Shelter along with Monster and Rockstar.  It is the assumption she is their litter-mate or close cousin.  She was originally adopted by a kind woman in Fairbanks who gave her a great place on her team and who really loved her.  Her love was so strong for her she saw beyond her own emotions and realized after a year and a half it would be better to let her go.  She had begun to chain fight with her neighboring dogs and once slipped her collar and attacked a dog she had once befriended.  I was contacted by Carol Kleckner because she believed a free run kennel would be ideal for her.  Carol had been working with her owner to try and help solve the troubles that were seemingly escalating.


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Indigo is a combination of many of our wonderful dogs.  She runs like Rockstar, snuggles like Monster, squeeks like Zave, talks like Skittles, watches me like Blue and is dominant/insecure like Secrets.  She has a lot to learn about living amongst our wild bunch but she is showing lots of promise.  She is enjoying her house-dog life and is the easiest dog I have ever crate trained.  I believe in her because she ultimately believes in herself!

(6 Month Update)  Indigo is a lovely girl who will make it in the long haul.  She has her set backs here and there and has started a few nasty fights with the girls.  But her overall confidence living in the pack is improving steadily and I believe this will be the key to her full recovery.  I still keep her in small play groups when I am not here to supervise, just to be on the safe side.  When I am home she can socialize with a larger group of dogs and she really thrives in this situation.  Sometimes she gets a little worked up when things get intense and that is the main reason for keeping her restricted when no one is here to watch out for her.  

She loves the house and is getting more and more comfortable in it each day.  Because living space is so small (280 sq ft) I think the house represents a loss of control over her personal space and this is what has made it challenging for her to relax all the way.  

She has proved to be a marvelous sled dog with the easiest demeanor on the team.  Considering her running mates, this is a blessing because all the rest of those critters are a handful at hook up.  She is currently running in team or swing but has great skills as a leader too.  Until she stabilizes emotionally with the pack I won't run her in lead with certain dogs so that limits her exposure to the position.  I believe her rehabilitation as a stabile pack dog outweighs her need to learn to be a leader at this point.  She is a delightful dog and we love to have her on our team.