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Jumar - 45 pounds 5047 calories per day.

Jumar the barking, growling, fence jumping pointer husky-mix!  Or at least this was how he behaved during his 10 week stay at the Anchorage shelter.  I first looked at Jumar the same day I went to see CatchMe and Talon.  He growled at me when I approached his kennel and I kept walking.  Paul went to see him repeatedly over the 10 weeks and each time talked about how fast he looked and that he should join our team.  He said he had never growled at him!


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During those long weeks we adopted, CatchMe, Talon and Aspen.  Eventually Jumar was set to be euthanized - he was no longer doing well in the shelter.  Paul convinced me to take one more look at him and as I was already in Anchorage.  Jumar seemed apprehensive but did not growl at me.  I went out on a limb and took to heart all the things Paul had said about him.  I agreed to adopt him.  Jumar had come in as a stray and still required neutering.  My friends at the S.P.C.A. had volunteered to take him in after his surgery because I couldn't get back up to anchorage for 10 days.  While he was there he jumped their 6 foot fence twice and growled at everyone who tried to get near him.  Only 2 people were brave enough to go in to his area and feed him.  When Paul went to go pick him up they warned him about this behavior.  Low and behold Paul walked confidently into Jumar's area and it was like old home week!  Jumar saw the man who "hung the moon" wagged his tail lifted his head high and strode out of that place like nothing was amiss.  

Jumar has never attempted to jump our fence or growl at me or anyone else for that matter.  Paul is still the center of his universe.  He is a natural athlete and runs like he was born too.  His running mate is Skittles and they seem to have a mutual respect for each other in the team!  He is as fast as Paul had predicted and he keeps the race team on the go.