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Kodiak - A Forlorn Farewell My Big Sweet Boy (2000-2010)

Kodiak is our "Gentle Giant" and weighs a tall and trim 80 pounds!  He and his best friend Willow (2000-2008) were our first Alaskan Huskies.  They came from a Fairbanks musher who decided they would not work out as sled dogs.   Paul and I were traveling in Alaska for two months when we learned of the countless unwanted or homeless sled dogs in Fairbanks.  We asked if anyone knew where we could adopt one and that is how we met them.                                                                              

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Memory of Kodiak

Kodiak was my first lead dog.  When he turned three I decided we should learn to skijor together.  It was a very slow process and I made many mistakes but guided by the abundant reward of hot dogs we made it down the trail together.  Kodiak still loves to pull but he refuses to race.  By refuse I mean he sits down in the deepest snow and we aren't going anywhere!  He always shows up on training days with a good attitude and lead dog pride. 

He and Willow were the closest of friends and they remained together every day till her passing from cancer in January 2008.

His Final Howl: