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Monster - 33 pounds 3492 calories per day.

Monster was dropped off at the Fairbanks shelter because she was "too small" for her team.  She was under a year old and is the sibling to Rockstar.  When the two arrived the shelter volunteer Carol Kleckner took them on a trial run and this is what she had to say "This girl is a bit hand shy but loves to play and loves other dogs. She is a short coated sprinty dog who is DRIVEN and fast.  They are both crazy at hook up. They LOVE to go and pulled hard and fast. They ARE pretty hard to handle they both were jumping, twisting, grabbing the lines and all around crazy to go. A good trait if you ask me! We were not going fast enough for these 2 dogs. She is on the small side. Forty pounds at the most. She is a solid dog and even her short stature does not slow her down. She has a nice gait (although she does have a bit of an arched back) and even as we slowed way down she did not break into a trot. This girl wants to go FAST and would make a good sprint or mid distance dog."


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Pae White

When I heard about these two I knew I was interested.  Their crazy attitude and desire to run fast sounded right up our alley.  Her dog friendly personality was desirable because of our free run kennel.  However I was not actively looking for any more dogs!  So I contacted Carol and told her to keep me in mind if they didn't find a home.  Many weeks later they were going to be put on the euthanasia list.  I couldn't let such young sweet dogs with that much drive slip away.  So on December 3rd 2007 Monster and Rockstar joined our team.

Monster has never been crazy like her brother at hook up - but we do not run them near each other.  She is a really focused for such a young dog and given a solid partner can lead.  She can easliy go back and forth between the two teams and either do longer distance or faster speed.  

Her personality is like a cartoon character and just watching her makes me laugh.  She is like the "monster under the bed."  She plays most of the day and gets along with everyone but her true love is her brother Rockstar.  I love her and am very very happy she made her way into our family and that she and her best friend are still together!