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No donation is too small or insignificant.  Donations come in all shapes and sizes as you can see from the pictures below.  We appreciate any and all support of our team! 


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Ruby Snacks - Lori Glawe


Emergency Fencing In Case of Disaster - Multiple Donors


Much Needed Supplies - Chugach Optional Elementary


Toys - Susan Moses


Dog Beds - Peggy Allen


Warm-Up Coats - Lindsay Muzychenko


            Fish Heads  - R&J Seafoods


             Spools - Kelly Electric


        Tennis Balls - Lindsay  Muzychenko

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2016 Sponsors

Melissa Hacker

Lori Glawe

Straw for Dogs  


Wolf Lutton

Leslie Loeb

Cynthia Honeyford -  Sponsors Blue

Laura Reid

Richard Bruechet

Jennifer Cowan

Julie Furagson

 2015 Sponsors

Jon/Sue Forbes 

Kim Beyering

Lindsay Muzychenko 

Molly McCay

Betty McReynolds

Lori Glawe

Julie Furgason

Cheryl Logan

Jacque Briskey

Chric Bowe

Linda Berg

Nancy Podgorski

Kristine Elliott

Christopher Mapes

Mathieu Devred 

Colleen Martin-Herrin

Rachelle Gruenberg

Sara Bundy

Shari King

Kenai Riverdog


Mountain Mama Originals


2014 Sponsors

Straw for Dogs  


Mathieu Devred - Sponsors Jumar

Stephanie Rao - Sponsors Rabbit

Diane McClure - Sponsors Skittles Memory

Lori & Scott Glawe - Sponsor  Dapper Dan's Memory

Cynthia Honeyford  - Sponsors Blue

Lori & Scott Glawe - Sponsor Jumar

Christine Niles -  Sponsors Talon

Cynthia Honeyford

Theresa Langberg

Cynthia Davis

Al & Rita Parker

Tami Murray

Elizabeth Ennis

Lucille Shampang 

Lauri Barnabo

Marilyn Houser

Penelope Gerald -  Sponsors Freedom

Kayla Loffer

Lesa Baker

Jon/Sue Forbes -  Sponsors Freedom

Susan Dorschner

Mary Wanamaker

Lori Glawe

Ruby Snacks

Lori Mosca

Gina Kincaid

Jane Young

2013 Sponsors

Cynthia Davis -  Sponsors Freedom

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue - Sponsors Freedom

Chugach Optional Elementary

Alaska SPCA - Sponsors Freedom

Lori Glawe -  Sponsors Freedom

Sue Forbes

Wolf Lutton - Sponsors Kodiak's Memory

 Susan Moses

2012 Sponsors

Cynthia Honeyford - Sponsors Blue

Jane Young

Susan Moses 

Bruce Keller

Mary Lee Kreger


2011 Sponsors

 R&J Seafoods


Mary Lee Kreger

Lindsay Muzychenko - Sponsors Zave

Peggy Allen

Barbara Mitchell

Stan's Alaska


2010 Sponsors 

R&J Seafoods


Jeanette Handling - Sponsors Skittles 

Meredith Weber - Sponsors Pickle

Cynthia Honeyford

Carol Kaynor - Sponsors Indigo

Jane Young 

Lindsay Muzychenko - Sponsors Zave 

Colleen Carroll 

Debra Kempton

Lesley Loeb - Sponsors Jumar 

Barbara Mitchell 

Team Berga


2009 Sponsors


R&J Seafoods

Kelly Electric

Carol Kaynor - Sponsor's Indigo

Colleen Carroll

Brian Mendelsohn

Jeanette Handling

Kathie Anderson - Sponsor's Abby & Willow's Memory

Beth Bowers

Jeff & Lee Varga

Jane Young

Stephanie Rao

Roberta Dueser

Cynthia Honeyford

Lindsay Muzychenko - Sponsor's Zave

Meredith Weber

Holly Lebed

Kristen Tabbutt

Pae White - Sponsor's Monster

Eve Stein

Kimberly Murray

Lesley Loeb - Sponsor's Jumar

Layton Zimmerman

Ann Palmer

Dianne McClure - Sponsor's Glacier's Memory

Stacie Olson

Marty Fefley

Patricia Foxe

Jeanne Lokar

Linda Massaro

Barbara Mitchell

Elizabeth Rosemond