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Pickle - 65 pounds 4570 calories per day.

Pickle tugged at my heartstrings from the first time I saw his profile on  He looked leggy and sleek with strong muscles.  And his young boy face was soooo cute.  He was a three time looser and had been in the Anchorage shelter as many times.  It was unlikely he would find a forever home with that track record.  His surrender profile said "he would get into a neighbors yard and eat the child's toys."  He was said to be vocal, good with kids, good with dogs and could get into the trash.  Pickle was 1 year old and needed something constructive to do with his talents.

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Meredith Weber 

I met Pickle during my spring vacation from Colorado.  I had many dogs on my list but I met him and Rabbit first.  Pickle did indeed have an athletic build.  In fact the small yard they have at the shelter wasn't big enough to allow him to get up to a full stride.  He "looked" like a good runner but I could not see his full potential.  Pickle had been taken under the wing of the volunteer coordinator and spent many hours by her side.  He was in puppy school and the shelter was working overtime to get him a home.  I really liked him but I had so many other dogs to meet in Fairbanks.  The staff assured me that unless he got sick he would not be euthanized in the week I would be away.  I told Pickle I would be back and if he hadn't found a home I would take him to Colorado.  I kept my promise!

Pickle leaps in the air and lunges at hook-up.  He enjoys running in the team more than you could imagine.  Pickle is a complex runner and an amazing athlete.  He performs best in swing.  He is very, very fast and didn't reach his potential till age 3.  He prefers to lope and can keep up with our fastest dogs.  Pickle is a lap dog and likes to stay in the house.  He plays in the yard for a few hours but generally hangs out inside.