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Rabbit - The Dog Who Touched All Of Us RIP (2002 - 2015)

Rabbit was a very sad dog when I met him.  I saw his ad on while living in Colorado.  There was not a photo of him just a generic pencil sketch of a cat.  Yet there was something about his description that caught my interest.  He had been in the Anchorage animal shelter twice in his 2 years.  The first time as a stray and the second time as an owner surrender - reason given by his family "adopted a toddler who is scared of him."  He and Pickle were in the Anchorage animal shelter at the same time.  So I booked a flight over my spring vacation to take a chance and meet them along with a few dogs in Fairbanks.

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My first stop in Alaska was the Anchorage shelter where I met Rabbit and Pickle.  Rabbit was emaciated as he had clearly stopped eating during his many days there.  He was still lively when I took him out to the small yard and had a body like Skittles.  He had dull eyes and bad dandruff from the stress.  He was overjoyed to meet me but he was in bad shape and had zero muscle tone!  I still had many dogs to meet in Fairbanks so I left him there.  I went back to my hotel and couldn't stop thinking about him.  The staff at the shelter looked grim when I'd asked if they thought he'd make it another week while I went to Fairbanks.  When they opened the next day I showed up with a dog crate I'd bought at Walmart and adopted him!  He would be my traveling companion for the next 10 days!  I said good-bye to Pickle who was doing very well in the shelter and promised him that if a nice family didn't adopt him I would come get him when I returned to Anchorage.

Every time I look at Rabbit  I wonder how he was almost euthanized because he is just that great of a dog!  He came house trained, leash trained and had very good manners!  The first time Paul hooked him up to ski he flung himself up in the air over and over again not quite sure what he was supposed to do - like a piece of popcorn.  He soon got the hang of it and has been running lead and is a great team motivator!  It took us a year to get great muscle development and a solid appetite out of him.  Rabbit loves to wrestle, play, sleep on our bed and keep his eyes out for bears!