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Rockstar - 50 pounds 5080 calories per day.

Rockstar is one of the most amazing examples of what should NOT end up in a shelter.  He is a tall and lean running machine.  He was just a pup when turned in to the Fairbanks shelter with his litter mate Monster.  The Musher who surrender them along with a few other sled dogs indicated they were too small for his team.  I learned about him from an email from Carol Kleckner who tirelessly works with the vast amounts of sled dogs there to find them homes.  He was young approaching 10 months when dropped off.  The shelter team tried him out on a training run with a 4-wheeler.  This is what Carol had to say about him and Monster:  "He is a driven and fast sled dog.  He would get over the neckline, under the gangline and through the harness of the dog beside him...just because he wanted to GO!!! He is maybe a 50 pound dog but is a tad chunky. We tried both in lead, but they were too excited and didn't know what was expected of them. Being as driven as they are, both might be good leaders if given time. These 2 dogs don't need a hard hand...they just need someone to accept their craziness and deal with it in a gentle manner."

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I wrote Carol in November and asked her to contact me if they didn't find a home.  A month later  I sent her an email to follow up at the same time she was writing to me to say they were being put on the euthanasia list.  I knew I couldn't let such potential go.  Carol put them in the care of the Second Chance League and found a foster home so they could recover from Spay/Neuter surgery.  She helped in many ways to find a flight and a companion to accompany them to Anchorage!  She is an amazing women and I will always be grateful for her tireless efforts.

This SWEET boy plays all day long with his sister and new friends.  He is super fast and is becoming a fabulous leader on our 4 dog team.  He is CRAZY at hook up and he flips out if we stop too long.  He is just that motivated to go.  He is very young and I know he will mellow with training.  He is already house trained and enjoys being a working pet.  His nickname is Velvet Elvis because his coat is so soft and he sings all the time!