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Secrets - The Bravest Dog I Ever Knew RIP (2004 - 2015)

Secrets was born in Fairbanks and was unwanted by her owner.  She lived in the same kennel that Skittles received her foster care.  She is VERY vocal and the noise she made was problematic for her owners in their neighborhood.  She is from sled dog lines and is a natural in the harness.  She was  17 months old when we adopted her.  She probably didn't spend that much time in the harness before we met her because her running style is much faster than the other dogs she was with.  She has the fastest trot I have ever seen -  she won't break into a lope till 18 mph!


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The first time we met her it was 30 below zero.  I had brought my skis from Colorado to try her out for skijoring.  She was terribly shy and I thought we'd never get her to go out in front of a stranger on skis.  I love to go fast on skis and had never balked while skijoring before.  She and another dog pulled me smoothly out of the dog yard up and around some winding bumpy trails.  Things were going well and I was impressed that this dog was keeping the line tight.  I turned the two around and headed back because I was so cold I thought my feet would fall off.  Just before we made it we headed down a small hill and the two took off like bullets!  I got so scared I sat down to slow the descent!  That was it, she was fast and driven.  I was sold - this girl had what it took.  She has warmed up to Paul and I nicely.  She still gets paralyzed by strangers in her midst but we are working on that.  

She has been in lead since day one and is a tireless worker.  On more than one occasion she has singlehandedly dragged the team past the dangers of moose and other perils on  the trail.  She has stood nose to nose with a charging grizzly bear and lived to tell about it!