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Skittles - In Loving Memory Of My Princess Butterscotch 2004-13

 (May 8th 2013 - My heart is heavy with sorrow over the unexpected loss of one of my first dogs to join the team.  Skittles was the happiest dog I ever knew - Always had a smile on her face and a spring in her step.  She loved to run and continued on the fast team her whole life!  She was independent but loving all at the same time. She would play tricks to get what she wanted - but we always gave in to her playful side because she was so sweet and loving.  We are all morning the loss of a one of a kind soul...There are not even the right words to express what an awesome soul she was - I was so very blessed to have her - her last day was sunny warm and she was running around happy pain free - I came home from work and she was totally normal running and chiding Secrets and Jumar as I was bringing all the dogs inside. I watched her run up the dog door ramp and in the house racing Secrets to the bed. Sean said she jumped up just like normal and then shortly after she collapsed. I was taking her to the vet and she passed before we made it. - she was the yin to Catchme's yang as co-leader of the pack. She was so happy and also a total brat in the way that makes you laugh.  She had her best running year ever this winter and was in the best shape of her life. She would join any fight that ever erupted but was not an instigator. I always told her she was forbidden from getting scarred up because she was my super model and she obliged by leaving this world as flawless as she came.)


Skittles was originally turned into the Fairbanks Alaska animal Shelter as a pet surrender - reason listed was family member allergic. I found her while living in Colorado on

What drew me to her were her long legs and skinny build.  She looked sweet and happy almost smiling in her profile picture.   She was 10 months old when she entered the shelter.  

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After many days of negotiating with her foster home they agreed to let me adopt her because they just wanted her to have a good home.  It was young musher from Fairbanks who had been caring for her.
She was gracious enough to do all the

footwork at the shelter and vet and to prepare her to travel to Colorado.  Without her help I would not have been able to adopt this wonderful dog - I will always be grateful. 

In July Skittles arrived in Colorado and became our 5th Dog.  Skittles went on to become one of the greatest, fastest liveliest, friendliest and happy huskies we have!  The first time we put her in harness she only weighed 42 pounds and Paul thought she would be too weak to pull me on my roller-blades.  To give her the idea of pulling Paul set off on his bike in front of us.  I waited until he got 100 feet down the path and gave her the cue to go.  She took off like a crazed animal in pursuit and we quickly caught Paul and PASSED Paul who was peddling down a slight hill @ 22 MPH!  She has continued to show amazing drive and spunk and is super FAST.......................and Friendly!