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 Sponsor a Dog $100

We do not play favorites within our fabulous team.  However, many folks do have favorites and we love to know about it.  Take this chance to VOTE by choosing an individual dog to support.  We will place your name on that dogs profile page each year you choose to sponsor them.  You may also donate in memory of any of the dogs we have lost.

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 General Sponsorship:  $

(any amount desired)

Your contribution will be used to help us with our many needs that are ongoing and emergent.  The general cost to feed and care for the team is $900 per month.  They eat only the highest quality diet which is the main portion of the cost.  They receive veterinary care some of which is routine such as vaccinations, worming etc... as well as for any acute problem that may need medical treatment.  They have a two-acre fenced enclosure, insulated dog houses and equipment to race and train.  All of these items need routine maintenance, upkeep and sometimes replacement.  Your contribution amount can be whatever you choose and we will put it toward the most pressing expense.





 Alternative Support

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 Purchase from our Online Store 

 All profits will go directly to the dogs!  Visit our store today  all items come with a 30-day satisfaction policy!


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Buy a Round of Kibble. 

 One bag of  Dr. Tim's Grain Free currently costs $74 due to shipping to Alaska and Wellness Core costs $65  We get our food in Anchorage which is a 3 hour drive from home. Each bag only lasts 3-4 days when added to meat and fish.  In light of the recent dog food recalls a few years ago we decided to diversify to two foods from different manufacturing sites.  So if there is a problem with one food we can still feed a food their bodies are used to.  They are both the highest quality foods that support the protein and fat requirements of our working pets.  We have been feeding them for 2 years and are very satisfied with how healthy and strong our dogs are.  You may use our paypal account to specifically donate to our dog food budget


We also encourage creative donations for the dogs like tennis balls and other super tough and safe toys and dog beds.  Please contact us to arrange this!  Contact Us