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Talon - 75 Pounds 5047 calories per day.

Talon is our wild child.  He is tall like Kodiak and a real keeper (hard to keep weight on).  He was turned in to the Anchorage Shelter as a "pet surrender" because his family was moving.  He was 7 months old and already huge!  The first time I went to see him at the shelter I didn't even get him out of his kennel because he was so wild and barking hysterically.

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Paul had gone to visit him a few times in the shelter and just didn't think he would make a good sled dog but liked him otherwise.  After two months of thinking about Talon we decided to bring him home.  He had been moved to the S.P.C.A. to keep him from being euthanized.  We knew that being as crazy in the kennel as he had been not too many people would find him adoptable.  I said to myself as I went to pick him up "even if he decides to be a couch potato that's ok!" 

Talon was nine months old when we brought him home and he immediately went for the harness.  He LOVES to run in the team and lead.  He does really well at longer distances with a nice steady pace.  Without giving this boy a job I cannot imagine how he would behave.  Once he gets going for the day he is non stop action and energy until we put him to bed.  For the first 3 months we could barely touch him without serious risk of being knocked over.  It was only after a run with the team that you could pet him for a calm five minutes - then it was back to the madness.  I love this smart boy who learned almost instantly to sit and give eye contact for his dinner.  As he matures he will turn out to be one of our most well mannered dogs!