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Willow - The Conscientious Objector 2000-2008

Willow was a bad-ass, independent husky who refused to run in the team.  I always believed she was too smart to join in.  She had realized early on that working in a team was conformity and wasn't for her.  We adopted at the same time we found Kodiak.  She was unwanted because she would repeatedly drop to the ground in the team and let herself be drug by the team rather than join in the action.  We adopted her in 2001 while traveling in Alaska.  She was best friend to Kodiak and really had no other friends to speak of by her own choice.


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Kathie Anderson

Willow was an avid hunter and was extremely prey driven.  It is hard to say how many critters she caught in her lifetime but I believe it was many.  The first year we had her we had trouble containing her in our fence and she and Kodiak mostly roamed free.  She almost never ate dog food that first year - because she was doing fine on her own I suspect.  One time a neighbor saw her trotting up the main road with a whole elk leg in her mouth. 

It was two years before she ever made an attempt to be petted or get attention from her humans but once she did she was hooked.  Her favorite place to sleep was always next to the wood-stove.  She was fast and athletic and looked like a wolf while running.  We loved everything about her except her fights with Secrets which could happen at any moment. 

She sadly lost her life to mucoid fungus a rare form of lymphoma.  Even in the end her bad ass nature prevailed because she enjoyed an unheard of remission for 5 months after she was given days to live.  Willow will always be in our hearts.