Red Shed Racing

. . . Racing to Save Lives

Zave - 35 pounds 3490 calories per day.

Zave the brave was a "Red Zone" case as the Dog Whisperer would say.  Her first home was a dog yard in Nenana  Alaska with a musher who had taken up a meth habit.  Needless to say she was starving, feral and unsocialized as a puppy.  Fairbanks animal control took her and the others.  She was one of the lucky ones who was not euthanized.  She was very young and ended up with Daisy Acres dog rescue where she stayed for a year.  I knew she was really bad off socially and would need tremendous amounts of rehabilitation.  


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I've never encountered a dog so fearful.  When I brought her home she was like a baby lion on the end of a chain.  She thrashed around and frothed at the mouth when we would approach her.  At first she lived on a chain - Until she knew where the food source was coming from.  If she had escaped in the early days the results would have been devastating.  She circled on her chain all day long in the rhythm of madness.  She would dive at her food in violent jerks in order to eat fast and keep looking around.  Slowly we got her used to the touch of a human and eventually let her loose in the fence.  At first she would continue to circle even when the chain had been removed.  She ran around the yard almost continuously never stopping to sleep or relax - this went on for many months.

One year later she is interactive socially in the pack and can relax and play and dig with joy.  She runs in our team and loves a slow steady pace.  She looks like a coyote and can run for hours.  Her favorite buddy is Talon - she loves to lick his face after dinner.  She uses the dog door and comes in the house and will sleep in a crate.  Her favorite person is Paul's brother Tyler - she even greets him at the fence which is extraordinary! She has come a long way and we will keep working with her!  Perhaps someday she will be a lap dog like all the rest!